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This fun and functional God-free haggadah combines traditions from all over the world with snarky wit, pop culture references, and surreal interactive rituals.

The Unorthodox Haggadah is a way to enjoy the strange and wonderful world of religion, while skipping the boring parts.  Ritual is the fun part at the core of every culture, but dogma gets messy. This book offers the ritual with a hilarious, irreverent twist. It is genuinely funny, fun to flip through, and a riot to use at the seder. Make sure everyone around your table has a copy for the next Passover or any dinner party you'd like to make weird.

From the creators of The Bob Marley Passover 

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It’s the Passover you never knew you always wanted...While there are many (many!) different Haggadah versions out there, this one is hands down our favorite (sorry Maxwell house). Genuinely funny, which puts it head and shoulders above 99.9% of the treacly crap people foist on unsuspecting seder guests to try to fool them into thinking they’re actually enjoying themselves.
— Heeb Magazine
A cool, creative affront to Jewish grandmothers.
— Media Bistro
…light up your seder.
— Huffington Post
Redefine Bitter Herbs…slightly insane.
— Tablet Magazine

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